3 Anytime Construction Projects and 3 That Should Wait for Summer

3 Anytime Construction Projects and
3 That Should Wait for Summer

Have you ever noticed that there’s a bit of seasonality to construction work? For the most part, construction projects make the majority of their progress during the summer months. There are two reasons for this: the days are longer and the weather is better. It makes a lot of sense when you stop to think about it, but you might have never realized it. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for projects you can do any time and some that should wait until summer.

| Anytime

Keeping in mind what we mentioned about weather and daylight above, your “anytime” projects will often be done indoors. The three we’ve listed here all fall into the same category, but with varying degrees of intensity.

Interior Remodel

One of the biggest construction projects that you can do anytime is an interior remodel. You can get started as soon as you’re ready, just make sure you plan appropriately. These projects can make a big impact for both customers and employees at a commercial facility. Depending on the scale of the remodel, it could involve closing down large sections of a building for extended periods of time. Be ready to guide people toward alternate routes and accommodate those who may need assistance.


These are similar to remodels but scaled back. Typically, they are paint and carpet projects. They’re a good thing to do every few years or so to keep a facility from looking dated. While they may still interrupt the normal daily flow, they usually won’t last as long as a full remodel. They’re great projects to do any time of the year to bring some fresh life into a building and help keep employees and customers happy.

Lease End Build Back

Lease end build backs are conducted after a tenant has ended their lease and will be leaving a property. They’re nearly as involved as a remodel, but they don’t get in anyone’s way so they’re logistically much simpler. After a lease is over, the building owner will often want the space returned to a “blank canvas” state so prospective new tenants can envision how they’d use the space.

| Wait for Summer

When weather and daylight are a priority for a project, typically outdoor construction, it’s best to wait for the time of year that can deliver on both: summer. Here are a few ideas for projects that should wait for warmer days.

Large-Scale & Ground-Up Construction

Let’s start with the obvious. Large-scale and ground-up construction projects are complex and detailed. They involve multiple crews working round the clock to create brand new facilities where there was only dirt before. That means months of working outside in the elements until there is sufficient indoor space to work on, which is why you’ll need better weather. If you’re planning a project like this, it’s best to start by consulting with a design-build firm. They’ll work with you to establish a timeline that will bring your vision to life by taking advantage of each season. It’ll not only be logistically smoother, but safer for the crews working on the site as well.

Concrete & Asphalt

A subset of large-scale projects is paving and pouring. As durable as concrete and asphalt are, you might think that they can handle anything. But that’s only true after they have cured. They each have an ideal set of conditions such as temperature or moisture in order to cure properly and do their jobs. Pouring outside of those conditions can lead to weakened concrete or asphalt that won’t bear the weight of a structure or hold up to the wear and tear of daily use.

Site Work

This is another subset of large-scale projects, as most things in this article are. It includes things like grading, underground utility work, and large landscaping projects. It’s basically anything that involves breaking ground. If you’ve ever tried to plant something in your backyard during winter, you’ll know why these things are better suited for warmer weather. The ground is harder, which makes it more difficult to dig up. If you’re using heavy machinery, it probably has hydraulic pistons which also don’t do well if it gets too cold out.

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