When Should You Call a Commercial Electrician?

| When Should You Call a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians are highly skilled, specialized professionals. They work with extremely high voltage designed to operate major commercial and industrial facilities. According to this article, even 30 volts can be considered dangerous. With that in mind, here are a few of the times when you should call a commercial electrician.

| High Voltage

This isn’t as obvious as it might seem. As mentioned above, even 30 volts can be considered dangerous. For reference, a standard wall outlet in your home typically carries 120 volts. Whenever the work involves high voltage systems, it’s best to consult with a commercial electrician. They’ll know how to safely manage the power supply to mitigate risk during repairs, replacements, or new installations. Unless you’re simply plugging a power cord into its proper outlet, let the professionals handle it.

| Exposed Wiring

Most wiring is coated with an insulation material and run through conduit as a safety measure to prevent accidental discharge and shock. In commercial facilities, there may even be additional safeguards in place. If you are walking your property and see exposed wiring, it’s best to call your commercial electrician. While it may be tempting to put it back in place yourself, it could be highly dangerous. You likely won’t know why the wiring is exposed in the first place. If it was handled poorly or accidentally exposed, the insulation could be torn which puts you and those around you at risk for electrical shock. Remove people from the area and wait for your electrician to give the all-clear before re-entering the space.

| New Installation

This may also seem obvious, but we aren’t talking about the major installations that may be coming to mind. Clearly when things like EV chargers or new conduit line are being installed, those are jobs for commercial electricians. When all that’s required is plugging a cord into an outlet, that can be done on your own. But there’s a middle ground between those two where it’s still a good idea to call in a professional. Things like UPS systems or lighting upgrades may be tempting to do yourself or leave to your handyman, but keep in mind that installing these items often requires safe handling of the power supply and utility connections. At a minimum, you should at least have your commercial electrician come take a look at what you’re installing and get their recommendation on whether you need to hire a professional to complete the work.

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