Construction Projects Tend to Happen in Summer – Here’s Why

| Construction Projects Tend to Happen in Summer – Here’s Why

Have you ever noticed that as temperatures rise more construction projects pop up? There’s a reason for that. In fact, there are a few reasons for that. Some projects simply can’t be done at other times of the year, especially in locations that see snow and freezing temperatures. But even work that could be done outside of summer would see benefits from the warmer season.


The main reason why construction projects love summer is the weather. Many of the materials used in construction – paint, adhesives, concrete, etc. – require drying or curing time. While winter weather doesn’t necessarily make that impossible, it certainly doesn’t help. Summer’s drier air and warmer temperatures make these important steps happen quicker and more reliably than the cold, wet weather that winter offers.

Tools and equipment see benefits from the weather also. On any given construction project, you can see anything from screwdrivers all the way up to massive cranes. Winter temperatures can be especially harsh on the hydraulic systems in heavy equipment and the batteries in power tools. Meanwhile, wet weather means slick surfaces that make it harder for construction workers to safely use their equipment. All of those are points in favor of summer construction projects.


Summer’s increased daylight hours are a benefit to both construction management companies and their clients. Night hours bring complications and higher costs in order to make progress in the dark. Additional lighting, safety precautions, and sometimes heaters may be needed to work at night. In summer, it’s more likely that construction projects see enough daylight hours to stay on schedule and meet their progress objectives. That mitigates the need for night work and gives everyone involved some relief.


The almighty dollar weighs heavy in construction project decisions. Because summer tends to be the busy season, construction management companies may offer better pricing for things that can be done in winter. But timing is still important. If you’re going to try to get a winter pricing deal, that means you need to adjust your bidding, planning, and permit timelines accordingly. These things will take the same amount of time, or more in some cases, as they would in summer. Everything needs to move back in the calendar to get this done.

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