The Importance of Backflow Testing

The Importance of Backflow Testing

The plumbing system within the walls of commercial facilities is an intricate labyrinth made up of literal miles of piping in some buildings. It ferries fresh water, dirty water, and sewage to and from your building so that you, your employees, and your customers can enjoy the modern comforts of life that we’ve come to take for granted. But with all those pipes crossing over each other, how to certified plumbers make sure the clean water stays clean?


Backflow occurs when water is moving in a reverse direction from the intended flow. It can be caused by several things, but the two most common are water main breaks or pump system malfunctions. In technical terms, it’s caused by the downstream pressure being higher than the supply pressure, or can be caused by a loss of supply pressure, and it poses serious health risks. Apart from the gross-out factor, a backflow problem can introduce s0me highly toxic contaminants into clean water.


Thankfully, devices were invented to help prevent contamination at water connections. Simply called “backflow devices”, these assemblies sit in-line within plumbing systems where clean water could possibly become polluted. The pressure of the water within the pipe is what makes it work, which is why it’s such an ingenious invention. It requires no external power supply or input from an operator to keep your drinking water clean. But that’s exactly why it needs annual inspection and maintenance. Because they work so well, a Facilities Manager could easily lose sight of just how important they are. If one breaks, it can spell disaster for everyone that depends on that water line.


Backflow testing should be part of your regularly scheduled facility maintenance. Keep in mind, it must be performed by a licensed commercial plumber that is backflow certified. It should be planned for and worked into your annual budget. The best facility services companies can even stay on top of it for you and send annual reminders. Contact your facility services company and ask about their backflow testing service.

AAA Facility Services is a C-36 licensed commercial plumber with a backflow testing certification. Contact us today to request service.

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