Modern Electrical Updates for Your Commercial Facility

Modern Electrical Updates for Your Commercial Facility

Today’s commercial Facilities Managers and Property Managers are looking for ways to keep their properties modern and up-to-date. Here are three simple ways to make sure your facility is keeping up with the times.


One of the quickest ways to add a modern touch to your facility is with digital signage. These are various types of displays connected to a playlist of different messages to display. They range in size from small monitors to wall-sized giant screens and offer the ability to distribute eye-catching information to anyone passing by. The best places for them are areas with high amounts of foot traffic. We’ve seen them installed in break rooms, shop floors, and warehouses to name a few and they’ve shown everything from weather forecasts to important safety messages.


Even though this is nothing new, we still see droves of requests to convert facilities to LED lighting because many organizations have put this off. But now more than ever, converting to LED can be a big benefit to the bottom line by cutting electricity use in half or more as compared to fluorescent or incandescent lighting. While a single LED blub costs more than a comparable alternative, you’ll more than make up for that in the savings from its efficiency. It’s also worth noting that the idea that LED bulbs cause eye strain is a myth – eye strain is more often caused by the light color than anything. So when selecting your LED lighting, ask your C-10 certified electrician about what colors to consider so you avoid eye strain.


This might be your best bet for an impressive upgrade in 2021. Among the top automakers producing electric vehicles, General Motors has committed to offering 30 different EVs by the year 2025. There are also new manufacturers completely dedicated to electrified rides. All signs point toward battery-powered commutes and a rising demand for a place to charge up – not to mention the electric fleet vehicles that are on the way. So it’s a smart idea for Facilities and Property Managers to start looking at ways to add EV chargers to commercial facilities. Start by asking your C-10 licensed electrician to come take a look at where they can be installed. You’ll be on your way to a high-demand upgrade in no time.

AAA Facility Services is a C-10 licensed commercial electrician. Contact us today to request any of these upgrades or learn about other ways to improve your commercial facility.

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